Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let’s recap…

We have had a busy week! It makes me sad because my maternity leave is flying by… I only have 3 weeks left and I just want to spend every second holding Kendall. But instead of dwelling on the fact I will be returning to work and crying about not being with her every second I will share what we’ve been up to!


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Kendall &I packed up and went to my friend Corri’s house for a play date with her baby girl Auria. Corri & I were prego buddies all year long and our girls were born 2 days apart. This was the first of many play dates and hopefully next time they will wake up so we can take a billion pictures!


Another play date! We headed to the (crowded) mall to meet my friend Jacqueline and her 14 month old son Ethan. I have seen this boy grow up and it’s crazy for me to believe that this time next year Kendall will be that big!

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Chris was a substitute teacher for the first time on Friday! Isn’t Mr. Ryan a hottie???

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We met up with Chris’s parents for his baseball team’s monthly pancake breakfast fundraiser. All the coaches and baseball mom’s gushed over Kendall. She will be very popular this baseball season!

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She wore her first jeans and sneakers!

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Later we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and planned to go to the mall for some Christmas shopping but the traffic was insane! We did some shopping at Kohl’s instead and then had a lovely evening at home!Shelli Iphone Photos 033

Today Chris is working and it’s snowing outside. I’m still in my pj’s holding my princess while she sleeps and I have no intention of doing anything else.

Well except for some online shopping!

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