Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Week according to my Iphone Photos


Lazy day at home with Daddy! I love my face in the photo on the right because I didn’t know Chris was taking it. Ha! Please excuse m,y rough natural face in these photos.

December 2010 003 December 2010 002

My attempt to get Kendall’s hair to style curly after her bath. Didn’t work!

December 2010 004


I took this picture after morning cuddle/feeding time. I just thought it was funny seeing a little bitty baby in a big ole bed!

December 2010 009

Happy Girl! Grandma Ryan came over to watch Kendall while I went to the grocery. Chris did some substitute teaching at a middle school again today.

December 2010 011

I love her look after she is done eating. I call this “milk drunk” face. She is so relaxed/happy/content to be full.

December 2010 015


We went to visit the Van Tilburg’s and took photos of her in her Bumbo. She was upright for like 5 seconds and then started leaning as you can tell in one of the photos. She will be sitting before we know it. That makes me happy and sad.

December 2010 018 December 2010 019

I’m contemplating sending another Christmas card just to show off her happy face in this Christmas outfit! Ha!December 2010 020

Amanda babysat Kendall for the first time while I ran to the post office. She loves her aunt so much!

December 2010 022 December 2010 023

December 2010 024 December 2010 025

Kendall’s Great-grandparents popped in for a visit!

December 2010 026 December 2010 028

I love how she is smiling/interacting with people now!December 2010 027

She loves her Uncle David too! She’d also like some cousins… just sayin’!

 December 2010 029

All bundled up – I think she looks so funny in all her layers of blankets. I’ve got to keep my girl warm! The photo on the right is what I sent to Chris that night. She was kicking so much!!!

December 2010 031 December 2010 034


My tooth has been hurting so I went to the dentist. I have to get a little work done – boo! These were taken after I returned. I guess you could consider it my 8 week postpartum picture. Please excuse my skin pooch. Ha! After uploading these pictures I realized I’m always wearing a tank top. I guess it’s because we keep it so warm in this house plus it’s easier for nursing.

She had her first bottle ever while I was at the dentist. She took it like a champ. Chris gave it to her. I no longer believe in nipple confusion. That or my child is just a piglet who doesn’t care where the milk comes from as long as she’s being fed. That’s the Van Tilburg in her!

December 2010 035 December 2010 036

Mommy time! I just noticed there are no pictures of Chris. The truth is I don’t share her much!!! :) I’m always holding her I guess. Sorry Daddy!

December 2010 038