Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo Catch Up

I am bad about only taking pictures on my Iphone and they are not the best quality. So I finally uploaded some from my camera and thought I’d share. Enjoy!

December 2010 136

I took this picture the morning of Thanksgiving. I thought it was funny having both of our outfits and accessories laid out. One of the many fun things about being and having a girl – outfit planning.

December 2010 143

My camera isn’t the best (a better camera to take pictures of Kendall is on my Santa list) but here are our outside Christmas lights. I took this from across the street. Ha! I wish you could see the pretty red bows on the porch and our wreath.

The next series of photos are from one of hundreds of Kendall photo shoots that happens on our bed- lol – she better love the camera!

December 2010 145 December 2010 146

December 2010 148

December 2010 149

December 2010 151 

December 2010 152

December 2010 155

December 2010 159

This is the quilt my Grandma Novella/ Kendall’s Great-grandmother made for Kendall. It’s so beautiful and matches her room perfectly. Kendall loves looking at all the shapes and different fabrics.

December 2010 162

This is a blanket my Grandma Tootie/ Kendall’s great-grandmother's friend Anne made for Kendall. We are a little behind on sending out a thank you card with a picture of her with the blanket so I hope she’s reading the blog today! I thought this bow matched perfectly.

December 2010 164

December 2010 163

Here is a picture of our Christmas tree this year (and my husband’s shoes & dog toys lol) – it looks the same as the last 2 years. I can’t wait for our next (bigger) house so I can put up like 3 trees and decorate a lot more!

December 2010 168

This is what I get to lay next to every night. Lucky me! She is so much fun before we go to bed and really loves being in her pack in play. Aren’t you loving the hospital receiving blanket? I may have swiped a few because they are the perfect swaddling blanket!

December 2010 169

December 2010 171

Our new duvet set. I could have straightened the wrinkles out for the picture but who has time for that? Now I need new curtains and I’m still in search for something to go over the bed to complete the mini winter makeover for our bedroom. Does anyone else switch their bedding up for different seasons?

 December 2010 173

My heart:

December 2010 172

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