Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow Day!

We are officially having a snow day in this house! Chris is watching football and Kendall is napping. So I cleaned out the food cabinets and fridge. Then I decided to go through Kendall’s clothes she’s already grown out of which led me to going through Chris’s and my own sock and underwear drawer. Ha!

It’s so cleansing! Good for the soul! I cannot believe some of the underwear I had in there. LOL After pregnancy and childbirth it’s cotton for me these days! tmi I know…

We have been having a fun family weekend. Chris is finished with classes for the semester so we’ve been seeing him a lot lately. Friday he took Kendall and I to lunch and to pick up his processed deer meat.

Shelli Iphone Photos 022Shelli Iphone Photos 023

Then we went to a wedding . I tried my best for us to match. I’m sad we did not take a family picture. This was taken when we got home.

Shelli Iphone Photos 024 Shelli Iphone Photos 025

Shelli Iphone Photos 026 Shelli Iphone Photos 027

Shelli Iphone Photos 028 Shelli Iphone Photos 030

We have spent most of today on the couch. Please excuse my makeup-less face it’s a snow day!

Shelli Iphone Photos 036 Shelli Iphone Photos 039

Shelli Iphone Photos 041

I’m starting to get a little cabin fever so we may eat dinner out or do a little shopping… or lounge more on the couch… either way we are having fun family time!

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