Saturday, January 22, 2011


Happy 3 Months Kendall Grace!!!!

Another precious month has flown by! You are getting so big and have become quite the talker coo-er this month! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!
  • We have full blown cooing/gooing baby talk conversations together now! Kendall has discovered her voice and it's the sweetest sound to my ears!
  • When I sing you songs, you make noises like you're singing with me
  • You love gnawing on your hands and biting your own tongue
  • You've started grabbing things close to you (your bib, shirt, my hair, other objects)
  • You LOVE your bumbo seat!!!!
  • You LOVE the TV (not sure if I should be worried about this one or not)
  • You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • You are in size 2 diaper
  • You are getting so big and long
  • You still wear some size 3 month clothing but you are wearing a lot of 6 month clothing too
  • You LOVE looking at yourself in the mirror and having your picture taken... I wonder why? You are the most beautiful baby ever!

  • You have some fussy days when you only want your mommy to hold you... I secretly love those days
  • You are sleeping through the night 7-9 hours - PRAISE the LORD (knock on wood)
  • You no longer stay asleep in your carseat when we go to restaurants and stores - you like to be held so you can look around
  • You can hold your head up soooooo good

  • You smile ALL the time - I love when you smile at me before you go to bed or when I've been out of sight for a few minutes - it's like you're saying "Hey Mommy!"
  • When you get fussy/hungry you snort when you cry and we all try not to giggle
  • You love wearing gowns to bed :)
  • You LOVE looking at things around you - especially when you're being changed (and having 3 month picture taken - haha)

  • Can't stand wet diapers
  • LOVE having your beautiful hair brushed
  • You just "know" when I've got you all dressed up
  • You love your mommy, daddy, dog, house, room and your WORLD
I'm sure I'm forgetting tons of things you have started doing this month but I am enjoying every second of your sweet world. I have/will say this every month but I'm loving every second of being your mommy. I love you baby girl!



  1. I just found your blog recently, so I wanted to say hi! Your little one is a doll!