Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

So I pondered writing a "Year in Review" post for 2010 but the lazy part of me figured whoever wanted to read up on our year could just go through my blog archives... mmmk?
Instead I will post another picture of the cutest baby in the world who made our year! This year has been all about Kendall! I started the year hoping I would get pregnant soon and ended the year with the most beautiful blessing in my arms. It's been the best year of our lives!

So 2011... this year will obviously be another great year as we enjoy all 12 months as a family of 3. It will be fun watching Kendall grow up and flourish into a little girl. I am in no hurry for her to grow up but will love and cherish (and blog about) every second of my daughter's adventures.

I usually don't make resolutions but I thought I would write a few things down.

1. Lose 25 lbs (preferably before pool season)
I want to be a fit mama in the pool with Kendall.

2. See to it that my hubby finishes his last semester of college and throw him a party!

3. Go on a family vacay

4. Cook more new recipes

5. Do some things to our house

6. Pay off our credit cards

That's all I've got! Most important I just want to enjoy Life!
What are your resolutions?

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