Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I've been slacking with blogging lately... not too much going on! Kendall is still cute as ever, Chris started his LAST semester of college this week (finally!... yay!) and I've been working! We had a snow day yesterday so I didn't go into work and Chris's classes were cancelled so we spent the day in our pjs playing with Kendall.
A couple things have been on my mind lately...

I've become a soap snob. I'm pretty sure I can't go back to buying regular bodywash & lotion.
I am in love with the overpriced $13 Aromatherapy stuff at Bath & Body! I like to use Ginger in the morning to get me energized and Lavendar and/or Sensual to help me wind down at night before bed.

Have you tried Wendy's new breakfast menu? I came into work late (with Kendall) and decided to hit up Wendy's new breakfast. Now I've never been one to eat chicken for breakfast... I probably would if we had a ChicFilA close to me but we don't. Anyways I ordered the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit combo and OMG! I can't wait for breakfast tomm!! Ha! It was so good!
And you thought I was going to blog about something serious!
**** I just tried to find a picture of this breakfast combo and it's not on their website... weird!****
Funny thing: I just set a fussy (but adorable) kendall in her car seat and put a blanket over the shade part, put my iphone music on and rocked her with my foot to sleep! It worked!
Why do babies fight sleep? I love sleep!

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