Friday, January 14, 2011

Sagittarius? what?

I'm in mourning today. I am no longer a capricorn. How will I pick up the pieces? Somehow I must find the strength to move on... NOT! Like I really care or associated with my astrology/zodiac sign in the first place. But it is pretty funny. Everyone was talking about it on facebook last night. Here were my favorite comments made about the new zodiac signs...

" I wonder how many people got a tattoo of their zodiac sign the day before they announced they had all been changed?...Oops"

"Life as we know it! First they took away Pluto as the 9th planet and now they're saying I'm a Virgo"

LOL - This is why I love facebook!

In other news... Like my new banner? One day I will breakdown and have someoene design this blog for me but this will do for now. :)

Have a Happy Friday & GREAT weekend!


  1. It's hilarious seeing everyone freaking out about their signs! And that was my first thought... poor silly people with no longer correct tattoos, haha!

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