Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This and that

Happy Tuesday! Many things to discuss before I forget....

Project Hot Mom: Weighed in after a week of calorie counting with sparkpeople.com and we are down -2 pounds. Woohoo! I've been off track since then but it's a long way until next Sunday weigh day! I'm going to put a weight loss tracker on here to keep me motivated!

If you are a mom you need HAVE to sign up for these websites.
Sign up for their email alerts and they send you AWESOME deals!
Today they have tutus and legwarmers. I seriously LOVE putting legwarmers on Kendall. I'm not shopping today though because she has way too many already!

Does anyone watch 19 Kids & Counting? I do. I like the show but last night when the mom (Michelle) had to take a pregnancy test before going skydiving. Ridiculous. Stop having babies.

Kendall is officially in 6 month clothing. I'm pretty sure 3 month stuff that fit her last week no longer does.... there must be steroids in my breastmilk or something! She is growing too quick!
She came with me to the office today - isn't she precious?

Have a GREAT day!


  1. She is too cute! Looks like a little professional sitting in that chair!

  2. What a beautiful girl!

    I love those websites too... here's another one for you: mamabargains.com! They have different deals all through the day. As soon as one runs out they have another. It's awesome & dangerous, haha!