Thursday, January 6, 2011

Working again... :(

My first day at work without Kendall went okay. I stayed pretty busy and it went by quick... granted it was only 8:30-3. It wasn't a full day but it was still hard. I got upset before I even left her at my mom's. She was so happy after her morning feeding and it just made me cry knowing we would be separated. I'm pretty sure it affects me waaaay more than her. I cried again on the way to my mom's, at my mom's and walking out the door. But two minutes into my drive to work I was okay. I knew she was in good hands and would have a great day.
When I got to work I almost lost it again when I saw her bouncy seat I'd left in my office from Tuesday.
Kendall had a great first day with Grandma and Aunt Amanda. This is a picture my mom sent me of Kendall in her bath. You can tell from this picture she's not thinking about missing me!
I pretty much held her every second last night. It's hard being away from her but I know she still knows who I am and knows I'm her mommy.
However, this is going to take some getting used to... waking up early, getting her and myself packed... getting my pump together is a whole other story!
It's so easy to just "whip it out" lol I don't know how else to put it. Cleaning bottles, pumping, freezing milk.... etc. etc is so much more work! Thank goodness it's just during the day!

Kendall is at work with me today and will be tomorrow too. Isn't she cute asleep?
One of the benefits of having everyone work out of town on job sites! We are all alone in the office... well my Uncle David (my bro) is here too!
Tomorrow is Friday! Yay!

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