Monday, February 21, 2011

4 Months!!!

February 2011 006

You are 4 months old Kendall Grace! I have loved every second of your sweet life but these days are by far my favorite yet. You are showing so much more personality. You are the sweetest baby girl and it amazes me each and every day that I get to be your mommy. Here are your stats!

  • You smile all the time
  • You laugh all the time too!
  • You laugh when something is funny or amusing to you
  • You smile when someone smiles back
  • You love being held so you can put weight on your feet and stand (assisted) you think it’s so funny
  • You are starting to participate in tummy time more
  • You get bashful sometimes around your daddy
  • You sleep GREAT and all night long (yay for mommy!)
  • You take a few short naps during the day and sometimes fight your sleep when you get tired

February 2011 002

  • You’re a drooling/blowing bubbles machine
  • You love sitting in your high chair and bumbo seat
  • You can successfully roll over on your side – I think you’re very close to rolling over on your belly!
  • You love going places – it’s like you know you’re going somewhere fun (like Target) when I put you in your carseat
  • You also love coming home after a long day – I know you recognize your house and your room
  • You TALK all the time – I love watching you lay on your playmat and just talk out loud
  • Your hand/eye coordination is so GOOD!

February 2011 003

  • You love playing with toys that make noises and toys you can stick in your mouth
  • You have started teething but you are a sweetie about it – I know you’re uncomfortable but you keep it all together (so far)
  • Daddy and I stepped on the scale with you last night and we think you weigh somewhere between 15-16 pounds – we will know when we go for your 4 month checkup on the 28th
  • You are officially out of 3 month clothing – you wear 3-6 months and 6 month clothing
  • You are in size 2 diapers
  • You love listening to music
  • I love when you wake up in the mornings and the first thing you do is smile real big at me
  • You love having your picture taken and know that when you see an iphone you are supposed to smile real big

February 2011 008

  • You have days when you just want to be held and cuddled (like today) and I take full advantage of those moments
  • Sometimes if you wake up in the middle of the night hungry we snuggle together on the couch so we don’t wake daddy up
  • You are taking a bottle well when you are with Grandma V
  • You can hold your own bottle
  • You are a nursing champ – I never realized how much I would love our special bond
  • You nurse/take a bottle about 6 times a day
  • You still make funny faces when you go to the bathroom and hate wet diapers
  • Next to “standing up”, you love playing airplane – you think it’s so funny
  • You love looking at yourself in the mirror
  • Bath time is still your favorite! You love the warm water and lotion massage afterwards.
  • You always go to sleep after your bath so I’ve started making them a part of your bedtime routine
  • I love cleaning/cooking in the kitchen and having you with me in your high chair
  • Sometimes when you fight sleep you pull my hands close to your face
  • You are a sweetheart!!!

February 2011 005

I’m probably missing so much but these are my favorites! You are growing beautifully and learning something new every second. I can’t imagine all that you will be doing a month from now. I hope it goes by slow so I can cherish each and every second of you even more!

Love Mommy

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  1. I love these blogs! I think Kendall will appreciate these when she grows up!!!

    Happy 4 months, Kendall!