Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bathroom Updates!

So I’ve been all anti-home decor these days because a) Kendall and b) my hubby needs to be involved and he’s super busy until graduation. However when I come across a small bargain to help me spruce up a room I can’t resist.
Last night I was at Target (where else?) with Kendall and my sister and I found two cute items marked down along with several clearanced V-day things!
February 2011 002
February 2011 003
February 2011 009
February 2011 010
I decided the shower curtain would go in our bathroom and the little bath tins would go in Kendall’s.
February 2011 001 February 2011 004

I will get a new rug for this room… maybe something plain and slate grey? I’d like the husband to paint (maybe tile the floor?) this room too!
Here is a picture of Kendall’s bathroom now.
February 2011 008
Her baby bath is sitting in the tub and all my makeup is on the vanity. I want to keep with the floral theme but dress it up a little bit more. Ideas?
I may just use my $1.24 french tins to house her bath soaps and accessories somehow.
I also love how I did all this in the matter of time it takes for Kendall's little lamb seat to play music and now it’s like I have a new bathroom!

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  1. I also have the shower curtain that you have in Kendall's bathroom! I just love it!!! Too cute :-) Target is one of my most favorite stores as well!!