Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Car Accident! & Valentine's Day with my sweetie!

Our weekend started out a little crazy but ended so sweet! Where to begin... let's begin at the part where I got in a minor auto accident!!!

Friday when I dropped Kendall off at my mom's house I asked my brother if he wanted to ride with me to work and I'm so glad I did. On our way home a van full of teeny bopper girls probably going to see the Justin Bieber movie slammed on their brakes while not using their turning signal and turned into a gas station. I was so close to rear ending them but I didn't. However as soon as I came to halt I saw in my rear view mirror I was going to get hit. We got hit by a dump truck from behind and then a truck rear ended the dump truck. 3 car pile up... awesome... and the teeny boppers didn't even stop to see if everyone was ok.
Thank God everyone was okay... however the third vehicle's driver was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I hope he's ok!
Our new car has some minor damage but it could've been a lot worse considering a dump truck hit us. We've already dealt with the body shop and the drivers and everything will be taken care of. I just love when people have insurance and are nice. You hear so many horror stories these days about people not carrying insurance and being in hit-and-runs.
I am just so thankful Kendall was not in the car. She would've been ok but I would have FREAKED out. I'm glad my brother was with me too because I would have probably got emotional if I was by myself.

Chris and I celebrated Valentine's Day on Sunday this year. He texted me while he was at work and told me to find a sitter. My parents were more than happy to babysit Kendall while we had some hubby/wifey time. This is the second time we have gone out to dinner just the two of us since she was born. It was really nice. We had an early dinner at Olive Garden and saw the movie "Just Go With It". It was a really cute movie! I miss Adam Sandler comedies!
I missed Kendall the whole time but I'm glad we got some one on one time together. It's so easy to be consumed with Kendall these days and Chris needs his wife too. It's almost like we are dating all over again. It's kind of fun to plan a special night to go out together. I think we are going to try and have a date once a month.
On Valentine's Day I got a beautiful bouquet of roses and a sweet card from Chris. I know a lot of people are anti Valentine's Day but I love the holiday. It may be commercialized and cheesy but I love that my man chooses to celebrate it and make it special for his girls. :)
Speaking of Chris... he applied for a new position at his work a few weeks ago and found out last night he got the job. I'm so excited for him! The schedule stinks because Kendall and I won't see much of him Mon-Fri but it will work perfect for him when he starts student teaching in March. Yay! This new schedule also means he will no longer work on Sundays so we can start going to church again as a family. We need to find a church first!

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