Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

We had such a GREAT weekend! Friday night Chris brought home some yummy Mexican food and the three of us cuddled on the couch. Saturday we spent the day shopping! We hit up Red Lobster (yummy!), Staples and Target (my favorite) to buy some school things for Chris and diapers! Kendall and I ventured out Saturday night to go to a baby shower for Chris's aunt. Sunday I was able to catch up on some housework while Kendall watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You can never start TV too young, right? I kid. What else is a girl supposed to do when her bathroom needs cleaning... BAD???
After Chris got home from work we went to a super bowl party!!! I didn't watch too much of the game because I was feeding/changing/playing with Kendall but we had a great time with family & friends.
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I'm obsessed with the Iphone app "Words with Friends". So are several of my family and friends. Anyways... last night there were 5 of us all playing against each other sitting in the same room. We are dorks. If you have this app - please start a game with me! My username is MrsRyan555.

This weekend flew by! I can't wait until next weekend. Chris and I may celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend. Last year we went to White Castle for Valentine's day (you can read about that here) and had a great time. We could do that again and bring Kendall along... I actually think she should be there! Last Valentine's Day I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. It was our fourth month "trying" to get pregnant and I cried to Chris that it was just never going to happen. Little did I know I was pregnant... it was just too early to tell at that point. Fast forward 3 days later and 1 missed period and we had 2 POSITIVE pregnancy tests. Such a happy time. It's so crazy to me that my precious baby girl started with a positive pregnancy test. If I'd only known last Valentine's Day what I'd be doing this Valentine's Day! I am so blessed! We are so blessed! God's timing is always RIGHT!

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  1. Aw, I cried last V-day because of a negative pregnancy test too, haha! But look at us now - we have two of the cutest baby girls on the planet!! :)