Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project Hot Mom: 30 Day Shred Day 1 FAIL

So I attempted to start the 30 Day Shred program and failed. Let’s just say when we do Day 2 tomorrow Chris will be tending to Kendall. Not that I don’t love my sweet girl it’s just difficult to do anything sometimes.

Here’s how it went:

At the beginning she was entertained by her out of shape mommy bouncing around the living room. Then when it came to the first set of ab exercises on the floor I was getting up to pop her paci back in her mouth. I finally called it quits after I was out of breathe and she wanted to be held.

It’s been a whole year since I’ve had a really great cardio/strength workout. I’m a little rough around the edges but that’s understandable! Looking great doesn’t come for free! You have to do the work.

The shower after my workout was pretty comical too. I laid Kendall in her pack-n-play and moved right up to the bathroom door. She was all smiles before I hopped in but was throwing an all out fit by the time I got out! She’s sleeping now… it will be a great day when she figures out how to put her paci back in her mouth! Ha!

Weight: same  - 4 pounds, atleast I’m not gaining!

Now I’m off to get cute!

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  1. Sounds like Kendall needs a paci plushie! (Google it, we love ours!)