Saturday, February 19, 2011

University of Louisville

Kellly’s Show Us Your Life this week is all about Alma Maters!!!

I went away my first year of school to Northern Kentucky University. I missed living with my family and wanted to go to a school with a football team so I came home. Ha!


In Louisville (at the moment anyway) you can go to any public school in the county if you’re admitted. So I went to middle and high school in downtown Louisville. When I was a senior in high school I was determined not to go to UofL because it was a block away from my high school. Funny how things end up??? Ha!

I attended UofL from the fall of 2005 to the spring of 2009. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Communication.

I love UofL’s campus!

I love UofL Athletics! Go Cards!

I loved the large classes. I could skip more class that way! Ha!

I had a different college experience than my first year going away because I was a commuter. I lived about 25 minutes away from campus. I did not get involved in a lot of campus activities but I think fondly of my college years because of other life events.

2nd Semester at UofL (Spring 2006) – I met and started dating Chris

Fall 2007 – Chris and I got engaged

Spring 2008 – We bought our first home

Summer 2008 – We got married

Spring 2009 – I graduated!!!!


I must also mention that I married a diehard UK fan (UL’s rival) but we had our wedding reception at the Brown & Williamson Club at the Cardinal’s Papa John’s Stadium. That is true love!

My least favorite thing about UofL (as a commuter) had to be parking! I literally followed students walking to their cards so I could snag their parking spot in this garage!

One day I’d like to go back to UofL and get my masters… when I figure out what I want to do when I grow up! Ha!

A mother can only dream that her daughter will follow her footsteps and go to UofL. The colors already look great on her!

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  1. I know this may seem creepy, but I know one of those guys in your first picture! My best friend went to NKU and was good friends with him. My husband also went to high school near U of L and we currently live in Louisville. Small world!