Monday, March 21, 2011


Kendall Grace you are 5 months old today!!!


Mommy and Daddy love you so much and love every second of watching you grow!

Here are your 5 month stats:

  • You laugh all the time
  • Wilson is your new buddy
  • You love playing with toys and are so good at picking them up and putting them in your mouth
  • You are ticklish
  • I think you might start speaking Spanish any day now the way you make an “rrrr” sound
  • I love how I will be talking on the phone or someone in person and you smile at me – you’re a total mommy’s girl
  • You’ve started solids and have tried pears, green beans and squashDSC_0993
  • You heart green beans – your daddy is so proud
  • No teeth yet but the way you’re drooling and gnawing on things I know it won’t be long
  • You can roll belly to back
  • You are soooo close to sitting up unassisted
  • You had your first fever and cold this month :(
  • You still sleep all night long
  • You have started moving a little in your walker at Grandma V’s and love to twist in your entertainer now that your feet touch the bottom
  • You LOVE being naked
  • Bath time is so relaxing for youDSC_0988
  • You love reaching for anything close to you including our plates, Wilson, cell phones etc.
  • You get bored sometimes when sitting still
  • You love playing “rough” …. airplane, held up in the air… etc.
  • So good at tummy time
  • Love playing dress up
  • You were 15 pounds when we went to the dr. last week
  • You’re wearing 6 & some 9 month clothing
  • I love how you smile at me when I pick you up after work or ho w you smile at daddy when he comes homeDSC_0983
  • You vocally let us know when you don’t like the way you’re being held or put down – Ha!
  • You love playing with keys
  • You SMILE all the time
  • You love having your picture taken
  • You are using your paci less but it’s a staple at bedtime
  • You’re still a great nurser
  • Our favorite time is cuddly time before bed
  • You love the warmer weather because we go outside and go on walks in your stroller
  • DSC_0990

You amaze me every day and I know I say this every month and will continue to say it forever but I love every second of being your mommy! I’m my happiest when I’m with you and daddy! You are growing, learning and developing the cutest personality. It’s so much fun being around you and making you smile! I love you so much!

Love Mommy

p.s. Aren’t those pigtails so adorable????

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