Monday, March 7, 2011

Cozy March Weekend!

So I got this new fancy camera for my birthday but I still take most of our pictures with my IPhone. It's so easy to just whip that thing out since I'm already on my phone all the time anyway... thus poor quality photos. Nevertheless here are some from this weekend. :)
Look who is almost sitting up!!!!

Riding in her PINK car
eating the steering wheel... of course!

Saturday - no pictures - atleast not on my phone... but we did go out to dinner as a family and then met Chris's new cousin Cody. He was born March 2 and he is so tiny. He was a lot tinier than Kendall was when she was born but I still can't believe Kendall was once so small.


Waiting in the Walmart parking lot for Daddy
Not to self: don't ever try to change Kendall's diaper in your lap in the car - not a happy baby!
My sweetie

My favorite people :) (she is super interested in daddy's pizza!)
Can we say TWINS???? Haha I love it!

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