Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Go Team!

It has started. What do I speak of? Baseball season! Duh! CR had his first game of the season last night. They lost and he was upset. Kendall and I surprised him at the game and he said we were the highlight of the game. :)
Kendall made some new friends and fans while she was there and I of course hit up the concession stand... twice. I love me some hotdogs at the ballpark!
As usual I took no pictures. We were only there an hour because it got a little too windy for Ms. K.
I have plenty of time to get pictures. They play like twenty something games this season. So if CR wasn't busy enough with student teaching and working... he's super busy now!

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  1. my hubby used to coach baseball so i know all about the nights they are sad when they dont win but cheering them up when me and my girl would show up as well! way to go momma! im a new follower :) have a great day!