Friday, March 25, 2011

Is it really the last Friday in March?

Happy Friday! It's chilly in Louisville today! Where did my pretty spring weather go? Please come back! I have not posted much this week nor taken many pictures. Kendall and I have just been busy playing and cuddling while Chris is busy working his new schedule. Here are some picture from this week courtesy of my high quality (NOT) iphone camera.
This is a picture of Kendall with her bff/2nd cousin Caleb from last weekend - they are growing too quick!
Playing at Grandma's
Feed me some Apples Grandma
 Flash forward 16 years - OMG!

 Ponytail - I die! Hahahahah

Playing with the sling
This is a 7 slings I got with a promo and it's very low quality. Not as low quality as this iphone camera- geez! I've become a camera snob! Anyways I'm going to buy a moby wrap this weekend.
And here is a blurry (but adorable) hint about our plans for mid next week...

Have a GREAT weekend! I know I will!


  1. What adorable pictures!! I love the first one!!

  2. Again, I am so jealous of all her hair! :)