Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's go swimming!

I did something gutsy a few weeks ago. With -20 pounds to go I bought a swimsuit. Not this one. That's for when I drop -20 pounds. In the meantime if a situation arises where I will be completly crazy and get my white butt in a pool/lake/ocean etc. I will be prepared.

I bought this from Old Navy. It was on sale $25 and I couldn't resist. I took a picture of myself in this swimsuit while I was in the fitting room. I'd love to be all confident and share this photo on here but I can't. Sorry.
However, when I reach my goal and the old navy swim suit no longer fits and I purchase a sexier and smaller sized swimsuit I promise to post the fitting room picture.
Although I won't post the picture I must say I was pleased with how I looked in the swimsuit. It's a very flattering swimsuit for my curvy frame and I think I look good for having a baby 5 months ago. The size is large. I want to buy a medium so I'm not far off. :) I'm proud of ME!

Because I'm one of "those" moms... I went ahead and bought Kendall a matching swimsuit. I'd be delighted to share a picture of her modeling the suit but I bought it 2 sizes bigger so she hasn't tried it on. The way babycakes is growing it should fit by summer!!
Kendall's suit:


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  1. Very cute! I'm sure you will be rocking it! And I love the fact that you bought Kendall a matching one! I am so behind on blogs & just got caught up on her 5 month post. Look at those pigtails!! Girl I am jealous of all that hair! She is such a cutie!