Tuesday, April 26, 2011

All the ducks are swimming in the water...

I have major dentist anxiety. I hate going and I'm horrible about going regularly. So of course I had some work that needed to be done on my grill and I'd been putting it off since... December. Well my teeth were bothering me this past weekend so I made an appointment first thing Monday morning.

They were able to take care of what needed to be done and well I... got a relaxing two hours.

Relaxing? Didn't she just say she had dentist anxiety? How can having your mouth drilled into be relaxing?

Well my friends... my future dentist appointments will now be a rewarding experience. Thanks to $35 extra charge but so worth it Nitrous Oxide a.k.a. happy gas. I love this stuff and now I look forward to my 6 month dental cleanings. I've never tried drugs in my life and haven't had a drip of alcohol in about two years but this is how I felt...
Maybe I'm just a completely exhausted momma or a stressed teeth grinder as my dentist would say but I had a pleasant afternoon with my happy gas! Ha!


  1. I despise the dentist - I think I'll have to ask for that next time!

  2. I don't like going to the dentist either and I have been puttin it off for months now!! I am from Louisville also and I have a Kendall who is about 7 months older than yours! Small World:) Kendall is a doll!

  3. This seriously cracked me up-that video! Haha! Glad you were able to relax though!!

  4. Haha, you're hilarious! I am also anxious about the dentist and I, too, have been putting off a much needed visit so maybe I'll have to keep this in mind. BTW, I need to find a new one to go to so if you're really fond of your dentist you should text me the info ;)