Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blog Award

I received a blog award this week from Crystal at Building a New Hive. She is such a sweet person and a great mommy and wife to her sweet family. Check out her blog!

I'm supposed to share 7 facts about myself and then pass the award on... here we go...

1. I hate pickles
I hate the smell of pickles. I hate the taste of pickles. I even hate how they look. When I order a hamburger and pickles are put on the side of the plate not only do I remove them from my plate but whatever fries they touched while they were sitting on them get removed too. I know I'm weird.

2. I never make 2 trips.
You know when you have a carseat with a baby in it, your purse, diaper bag, breast pump etc to carry in and should really make 2 trips to get it all in the house. Not me... I try to carry it all in which usually leads to the mail falling down the porch steps and crap falling out of my purse.

3. I went to a performing arts high school
Yep... I was a musical theater major in high school. I can still tap dance pretty good and every now and then I belt out a showtune when Kendall is fussy in the car!

4. I get more scared of things with every birthday
Maybe it's because I'm smarter... but I would never do some of the things I did when I was 16. Nothing bad just it wouldn't have phased me to walk in a dark parking lot by myself when I was 16 but now I would never do that. Oh and all of a sudden I'm scared of heights, what?

5. Becoming a mom was the best thing I've ever done... hands down
I loved getting married and all that but motherhood changes your life completly. God knew what he was doing when he put that desire in my heart!

6. I graduated college with a BS in Communications and I'm not using it... yet
I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up!

7. I've never mowed grass in my life
This either explains how truly spoiled rotten I am or if you knew my husband you would know he would divorce me if I touched his precious grass. Ha!

Now the nominations... don't feel bad if I didn't pick you (I love you and your blog) I just wanted to acknowledge these ladies:

Jessica @ Our Happily Ever After
Lea Liz @ The Roland's
Laura @ Moments with the Mays
Stephanie @ Front Porch Looking In
Dalyn @ Officer, Gentleman & his Lady


  1. Thanks for the award girl!!

    I never make two trips either, and try it carry it all at the same time! haha.
    I agree about the mommy thing, best thing ever for me too :)

  2. Aww thank you for the award! And I am just like you in a lot of ways! I think it may be the mom in us that makes us more afraid or aware of things now than it did before.