Thursday, April 7, 2011

Charleston, SC Day 1 & 2

Day 1 and 2 were spent travelling. Having never travelled with an infant I was glad we did this for the 10.5 hour road trip. We contemplated flying and I would’ve had no problem taking Kendall on a plane. However there were many of her things I wanted to bring that I didn’t want damaged when I checked them with our luggage. Stroller, pack n play, car seat etc…
Plus if you’ve ever gone anywhere with us girls we always bring back double the stuff we take because we LOVE to shop.
I’m going to write a lot about this trip so if you just want to look at pictures that’s fine with me. I just wanted to remember as much as I could while it’s fresh so Kendall will always have these memories.
Oh and if you’re wondering how I have the time on my hands to write all of this… thank this jumpy/play thing right here…. this picture was taken while I was packing the morning we left and she is playing in that now while I write!
And like always there is a mixture of Iphone & Nikon pictures… Enjoy!
January 2011 001
Chris loaded our suv up and dropped us off at my mom’s. She has her own car over there! She hung out in this while we loaded my mom’s suv!
January 2011 003
I was really hoping we would have a good picture of the three of us when my mom took this before Chris left. It’s great of Chris and Kendall but my fleece collar makes my neck disappear and I’m looking super frumpy/chubby! ugh!
January 2011 004
We stopped at many places to change diapers in a short 5 hour drive!
January 2011 006 
And some places were too gross for me to change her diaper in so while we were stopped I made a changing table!
January 2011 008
We LOVE Sonny’s BBQ so any chance we get to stop at one we are all about it. My mom ordered this little seat online and it literally came in right before we left. Like she got the mail and it was there! Ha!
January 2011 021
Hotel #1 was in Asheville, NC. We figured it would be a good stopping point and would only leave us with a 4 hour drive the next day to Charleston so we could take our time.
Day 2 – someone has some serious bed hair! I love it!
So instead of me stopping to nurse her every 3-4 hours on the road I brought my Medela and pumped while we drove. It worked out perfect!
January 2011 013
We stayed at the Mills House Hotel in Charleston. We didn't know that it was the weekend of the Bridge Run so there were so many people in town!!!

Kendall looked so tiny in the big ole bed all by herself!
January 2011 024
We were so tired from our 4 hours of driving! Actually we made a pit stop in Columbia to do a little shopping and lunch so we arrived at like 5-6 pm and were pooped!
January 2011 015
We ended up ordering room service for dinner and hitting the hay!

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  1. Looks like a blast! You girls are too cute!