Monday, April 11, 2011

Charleston, SC Days 4 & 5

Saturday was the day of the Bridge Run so we decided to explore downtown Charleston within walking distance of our hotel because we weren’t sure what streets would be closed off. It was also the day of UK playing in the final four so I messaged Chris these pics of his girls supporting his team!January 2011 022 January 2011 026

We had brunch in our hotel and right before we headed to the market on Market St. I changed/fed Kendall. She couldn’t decide what she wanted more sleep…or food! Ha!

 January 2011 027

I bought a MOBY wrap right before we left for our trip and I seriously LOVE this thing and can’t believe I’ve gone this long without one! Kendall loved being so close to me and even was able to take a nap in it! It’s also very comfortable to hold her and I felt really supported. January 2011 028 January 2011 044January 2011 029

Since we couldn’t pack ALL our baby gear my mom had to be the high chair sometimes! Ha!

January 2011 030 

Later that day Amanda and I explored the shops of King St… ok we actually went to find the Cupcake store. We walked like a mile to get there and decided to enjoy them in the park!



WE ordered room service again for dinner! Got to love it!


On Sunday we ventured to the Tanger Outlets in North Charleston. I got all redneck and changed Kendall’s diaper in the back of the car. I’m sorry but the back of the car is a lot nicer than some public (gross) restrooms!

January 2011 049 January 2011 050

We spent the next hour or so tracking down a laundry mat. I packed everything but the kitchen sink for Kendall but I couldn’t handle having soiled clothes sit for a week! Her first time at a laundry mat! Ha!

January 2011 051 January 2011 052

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  1. Shelli, Shelli! If this post wasn't filled with your adorable daughter then I would be more disappointed in your wearing uk clothes. ;)