Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Randoms

I'm going to try and avoid all Royal Wedding talk today until I get home and can watch it on my DVR. However, I did watch the end of the ceremony while getting ready this morning. I will say that I loved her dress even though I've read a lot of mixed reviews on facebook. I thought Kate look beautiful. I recorded the wedding coverage and several "after the wedding" shows which should lead to a fun Friday night! Ha!

Funny conversation this morning:
Me: Chris, Why couldn't you have been a prince? I want to be a princess.
Chris: You are a princess. No, you're queen of (our address).
Hahaha Thanks, honey!

This morning Kendall and I went with Chris to the school he has been student teaching at this semester. They had made hot air balloons in class and were setting them off this morning and the teacher he had been working with wanted to meet his wife and daughter. Everyone was so sweet and I can truly see how much of an influence Chris had on the students/staff in the short time he was there. I've never been so proud of him! He is going to be such a great teacher.

Today is my sister Amanda's junior ring ceremony. I'm so proud of her. She is so smart and talented and continues to do great in school while under not so ideal circumstances. She has not been actively going to school but instead doing home hospital. For background info you can read here. Anyways, I wish I could be there right now to cheer for her but I'm sure we will celebrate after work with her somehow! Yay Amanda!

Last night Kendall attended her very first home party and we are going to her first birthday party on Saturday. She is a social butterfly. I may have to get this girl an assistant to keep up with her social events. If we have nice weather Saturday afternoon we will go to Chris's baseball games!

I know this has been a pretty lighthearted post but I just cannot fail to mention the storms in the south this past week. I have had all those people on my heart the last few days and urge everyone to continue to pray for all the people who have lost their homes or loved ones. I cannot fathom the devastation I've seen on television. It is horrific and sad that this happened. Leslie over at Lamberts Lately lives in Tuscaloosa, AL and she made a detailed post about how people can help all the victims in the south. You can find that here.

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