Thursday, April 21, 2011

I need your help.

First things first... it's April 21st! My baby is 6 months old today. Be sure to check out my blog later tonight or tommorrow to see her 6 month post & stats!!!

Okay... with that being said my baby girl is growing like a weed which means it's time to shop for a new carseat so momma doesn't break her back carrying her infant carseat around all the time!!
This is where I need your help... 
I am going crazy reading reviews, checking prices and going to the store to look at car seats. 
Here are my criteria in no order of importance for a CONVERTIBLE carseat:

1. Safety (all of them are safe if they are on the market but I like safety ratings/reviews)
2. Features - (5 point harness system, adjustable head support, reclining option, cup holder)
3. I must be able to adjust the harness straps from the front of the car seat
4. Size - I drive a 2010 Chevrolet Equinox so my back seat does move back & fourth but I don't want to have the driver & passenger seats to the dashboard so the carseat will go in my car... PLUS we will be checking this carseat on a plane and using it in a rental vehicle in June so I need something that's not ginormous
5. Rearfacing & forward facing option - I want her rear facing until she's 40 lbs
6. Weight limit up to 65 pounds - I want this bad boy to hold Kendall until she's ready for a booster seat
7. Price

I have been looking at the following car seats.

Safety 1st Complete Air 65 - Flutter @ BRU

Super cute!
Great ratings satisfaction/safety
Rear/forward facing
Good price

looks like speakers by her head - will she be able to look out the car window?

Graco Smart Seat All-In-One - Jessica @ BRU

rear/forward facing
head ajusts
cute fabric
Has a base so we could buy another for my mom/Chris to use


Britax Marathon 70 - Jet Set @ BRU

High safety ratings - high satisfaction ratings
Not too bulky
meets reaf/forward facing criteria
Has a reclining option
Matches my car interior - lol

No adjustable head rest
Must by cupholder separate
If you have or have had little ones in car seats recently please give me some feedback! What do you like/dislike? What carseats do you have good/bad experiences with?
There are no better reviews I'd rather read than from other mommas - especially ones who read my blog!
Thank you in advance!!!


  1. Alpha Omega convertible car seat or even the Eddie Bauer version. Very inexpensive, light weight, easy to travel with. Adjustable straps from the front of the seat. Have had no problems with it. Good Luck!!!

  2. We bought the Evenflo Triumph for Grayson a couple of months ago and we love it! He has so much more room and loves looking out the window:) It's also not humongous!

  3. Have you looked at the Graco Myride? That is what I have for Brody and I love it! It is a litle big, byt not too bulky! It has a recline so he is not sitting straight up and he is very comfortable in it for being awake or sleeping in the car. I would definitly reccommed it, the price is great too!

  4. My SIL-BIL bought the Safety 1st Complete Air 65 for their baby and I've had the pleasure of sharing the backseat with SIL and our niece in that and it was great. Our niece had full view of the windows even with those big air pads. We are going with those after our babies outgrow the carrier type. That, in my research, had the best safety rating of all.

    Downfall is SIL-BIL have a Ford Fusion and that carseat has to be in the middle to fit.