Tuesday, May 24, 2011

7 Months

Kendall you are 7 months old now and I just can’t believe how quickly you’re growing! I know I say this every month but this is my favorite age so far!


  • You’re interested in EVERYTHING these days
  • Mobility is among us… any day now you will take off
  • We’ve introduced the sippy cup to you… of course you’d much rather drink water from mommy’s straw or glass of water which you can totally do!
  • DSC_0660
  • You are still sleeping through the night (most nights)… teething is the culprit on that one
  • You are still sleeping in our room
  • You’re wearing very little 6 month clothing, all 9 month clothing and some 12 month clothing
  • You are wearing size 2 & 3 baby shoe
  • I painted your nails this month and you love checking out your toes
  • DSC_0663
  • You are scooting on your bottom really good
  • You do this thing where you lunge forward from sitting straight on your belly and then roll over – its semi scary for me but very cute and you always smile becuase you made it – Ha!
  • You’re still making a ma-ma sound but not on que – you’ll get there ;)
  • You love to eat and we’ve been introducing a lot of finger foods and snacks
  • You have a big girl convertible car seat now!
  • DSC_0666  
  • To get you to take a nap I have to put my hand on your face or hold your hand until you fall asleep
  • You love watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse while playing in your exersaucer
  • You can feed yourself graduate puffs, teething biscuits and baby mum mums
  • You get very excited to sit in shopping carts and high chairs
  • DSC_0665
  • You also get excited when I take your picture! You’re a natural!
  • You attended your first home party, graduation and tea party this month
  • You have what I think are 2 teeth coming in the center of your bottom gums… I can see/feel them poking thru
  • 2 weeks ago at the doctor you weighed a little over 17 pounds( we were also there because you were backed up) so I would guess you still weigh 17 something


Kendall you still amaze me every day and I am so in love with you! I have the best job in the world being your mommy and only look forward to all the time we get to spend together. Daddy and I love you so much and thank God everyday for giving you to us!

Love Mommy

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  1. Happy 7 Months pretty girl! I've been wanting to paint Averly's toenails too but haven't gotten around to it yet. I think it looks so sweet on their little toes!