Wednesday, June 22, 2011

8 Months

Kendall you are 8 months old today!  It has been another fun and exciting month for you! You're growling like a weed and you’re into EVERYTHING these days. I just can’t get enough of you princess!

June 2011 010

  • You have been a Chatty Cathy this month – we have full baby talk conversations everyday
  • You are so close to crawling that I expect at any moment you will be following me around the house
  • You do this scoot/roll/half way crawl kind of move that gets you where you need to go
  • You’re wearing 9 & 12 month clothing
  • Size 3 diaperJune 2011 014
  • Your diet has expanded to cheerios, graham crackers, graduate yogurts and of course small pieces of everything mommy eats!
  • You love when I give you water out of my straw
  • You went on a plane for the first time this month and to the beach for the first time
  • You have 2 teeth and I’m confident there’s more coming because you are drooling, putting everything in your mouth and you no longer sleep through the night :(
  • You love being outdoors
  • You love people watching (just like mommy – ha!)
  • You enjoy going to work with me!
  • I have no clue how much you weigh or how long you are – I’m guessing your 18-19 poundsJune 2011 015
  • You’ve started reaching for people to pick you up
  • You call Wilson “Eeeeee E”
  • It’s so cute how you watch Wilson – you love dogs :)
  • You’re still nursing great at night and in the morning – you mostly take a bottle during the day because you are so busy
  • You can drink out of your sippy cup!
  • You love eating with your fingers and are getting really bored with baby foods and the whole spoon feeding business
  • You laugh all the timeJune 2011 001
  • You can clap your hands just not when we do it – haha
  • You can sit up from laying down now – this scares mommy
  • You love going places – especially after we’ve been inside all day
  • You love coming home when we’ve been out all day
  • I love watching you play with your toys because you get so serious
  • You say “da-da” all the time with an occasional “ma-ma”
  • You love swimming in the poolJune 2011 006
  • Bath time is one of my favorite parts of our days
  • You get mad when I take things out of your mouth (like when you stuff a whole graham cracker in there and I have to go for it)
  • You no longer like your face being wiped off
  • There have been a few times this month where you’ve fallen asleep on my chest like you did when you were an infant – ahhh memoriesJune 2011 007

I seriously can’t get enough of you baby girl! You make your daddy and I so happy. We love watching you learn new things and discover your world more and more everyday. We love you so much!!!

Love Mommy

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  1. she's getting sooo big and she's adorable! Cherish those times together!