Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Couponing 101 #2

If you don't like clipping coupons, being organized and spending a little time researching sales ads... couponing is NOT for you and you will not save a large amount of money. It's the truth.

Start an organization system for your coupons.
To get some really good deals you will ned 4-6 weeks of coupon circulars. Websites like (my personal favorite) will tell you which circular & date the coupon was in so you don't even need to clip them if you don't want to... however this girl is a clipper.Southerns Savers also has links to printable and electronic coupons. There is nothing worse than being at a store without my coupon binder and seeing a deal that I have a coupon for but not having said coupon with me!!! Ugh!
I have a binder. It works for me. I will expand on that another day. A small coupon divider works nice too.

Sunday I ran out to get the paper (no coupon circulars BOO)... but the CVS ad had some great deals.
I circled things in the ad I would buy or deals I liked. Then I flipped through my coupon binder to see if I had any coupons for these deals. Then I logged onto to see if they had any coupon links for printable coupons for some of the deals.
I made a little list and attached the coupons I needed to the list. That's all I took with me to the store (big mistake) because I didn't want to haul the binder out with me.

Here's how my adventure went down...

They were out of a few things I needed (boo!) so I wasn't able to get everything I wanted. BUT I asked when the truck comes in (FRIDAY) so I will be back.

Pampers Jumbo Packs on sale $8.99 ExtraBucks (EB) $2.00
I had a $2.00 manufacturer coupon for pampers
Tide Laundry detergent $5.94
I had a $1.00 manufacturer coupon for any size Tide
(This is where I got upset because the sale extends to the Free & Gentle Tide which I have a $2.00 off coupon for in my coupon binder - dang!)
Crest Toothpaste on sale $1.99 EB $1.00
Glacier Smart Water $5/5 EB $2.00

Normally I wouldn't have purchased the Crest Toothpaste or Glacier water because I didn't have any coupons for them but I'm trying to build up my Extrabucks EB's for my next shopping trip so I can roll them. Rolling refers to earning EB's and then purchasing items to get more EB's and then repeating the whole process. Basically I will get to a point where I will never pay money for my purchases at CVS I will just use store credit I earned. To get started initally you must purchase with money... you follow me???
Oh and we also needed toothpaste and I wanted a water bottle.

Here is how the transaction went...

5 Glacier Waters $5.00
Tide $5.94
Crest $1.99
Pampers $8.99
Total : $21.92

I had a $2.00 pampers coupon and a $1.00 Tide coupon so I paid $18.92 out of pocket however...

I earned

$2.00 EB's for Pampers
$2.00 EB's for Glacier Waters
$1.00 EB for Crest

So technically I only paid $13.92

Now when I go back to the store on Friday (when the truck comes in) or next week when there is a new sale ad I will have $5 in EB's to use towards earning more EB's.

Questions??? Comments??? Concerns???

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