Friday, June 3, 2011

Couponing 101

I promise to continue my couponing adventures as they go on but in the meantime here are a few links to some of my favorite coupon/bargain hunting sites.

Even if you have no desire to coupon… these sites often list free sample opportunities, online shopping codes and free redbox codes. They are worth checking out I promise!!!

This site not only lists all of the sales and non advertised sales at each popular store… but they list circular coupons by date for the items and provide links to printable coupons. And if it couldn’t get any better you can make your shopping list right off of their website!

I have followed this girl for awhile. She always goes into great detail with her shopping trips. She has great blogs about her stockpile (with pics) and how she organizes her coupons too.

I just discovered this one and I’m loving it so far!

This lady is amazing. For 2 years she had an ANNUAL budget of $800 for groceries! Did I mention that she has 4 daughters and is a single mom and only spent $800 to feed them????

I hope you enjoy these sites. If you have any great coupon/saving money website you enjoy please PLEASE leave a comment and let me know how to find it!

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