Monday, June 20, 2011

Florida Keys Family Vacation Part 4

This is the last of my vacay pics I promise. Honestly this isn’t even a dent in the 300 pictures I took the whole 10 days we were gone.

We started off this morning at the beach because we thought it was our last day in paradise…

June 2011 226

She loved tasting the salt water on her fingers!June 2011 227

June 2011 233

My mom and I went for mani pedis while my dad watched Kendall. This is what we came back to find. Apparently he has tried to lay her down to sleep a few times and she would wake up so this time he wasn't going to move. :)June 2011 236

We ended up making last minute arrangements to stay 2 more days! Woohoo! Back to Key West we went… this time Margaritaville!

Oh and Ms. K loves her some graham crackers these days…June 2011 239 June 2011 240 June 2011 242

Are they twins or are they twins? Ha! I love how they both have their eyes closed!June 2011 244

Sunset in Key West

June 2011 266 June 2011 280 June 2011 288 My new facebook profile pic!!! :) I LOVE my little family!June 2011 325 My sibsJune 2011 329 June 2011 331 June 2011 333 June 2011 335 My sweetie

June 2011 343

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  1. Great pictures Shelli, and your little one is a DOLL! Hope you'll stop by my blog and check out the Easter link hop coming on the 28th! It's a link party to showcase your Easter Baskets!