Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last weekend in June & Crib Sleeping

June has been a great month for us! We vacationed in the Keys and celebrated our 3rd Anniversary! Kendall experienced her 1st plane ride and started crawling!

Here are some pictures of my newly mobile Kendall!!!June 2011 004 June 2011 008 June 2011 009 June 2011 011 June 2011 015 June 2011 025 June 2011 030 June 2011 034

And guess who slept in her crib last night????June 2011 046 June 2011 051

I laid Kendall in her crib around 9 pm and didn’t hear a peep until 2:15am when I heard her moving and making noises. I went in there to see if she needed her paci or if she was awake and she was laying sideways on her belly. Ha! She was laying long ways on her back when I laid her down. Silly girl! Of course I had the bright idea to move her back to her back and she woke up and slept the rest of the night with me in our bed. Oh well… we will try again tonight!

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  1. I'm glad she did okay! The real question is...how did mama do?? :)