Monday, June 27, 2011

Play office

I bring Kendall to work sometimes. I am extremely blessed and fortunate to be employed by my father and work in the atmosphere that allows me to bring my sweetie to work.
She's not with me today (she's having a blast at Grandma's) but I wanted to share how my office easily converts to Kendall's play area. I took this picture last Friday when she accompanied me to the office.  If you look very closely to the left you will see Kendall in her pack and play. I usually bring a lot more toys than what is pictured. I have to keep her busy!
This is kind of random and boring but I wanted to make sure I recorded these memories for when I print my blog for Kendall. :)


  1. What a perfect set-up! So fun!

  2. So much fun that you can bring her to work with you!! So sweet:) I bet she has a lot of fun playing with mommy at work!