Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spending the day with Daddy

***FYI - Kendall slept in her crib in her room for 10 hours last night! Needless to say I'm feeling rested this morning***

In all her 8 months of life my husband has never watched Kendall more than 3-4 hours. I'm at fault for never being away from her and he has been in school/coaching/work so it's never worked out.
Well this past Tuesday was his first day of many days watching Kendall ALL day long by himself.

They had such a great day. He dressed her up with a bow in her hair. (He even called to complain about how cheap the elastic hair holders I bought for her were... Lol my bad!)
He took her to his new school he will be teaching at this year and showed her his classroom.
They went shopping at Staples and the pet store.

I was sent a few pictures "from Kendall" asking for a fish and a bird. (we really need to take thus child to the zoo lol)

They had a great day!!! It really makes me happy seeing Chris being so sweet with our daughter! I'm going to have to take him on a date soon - ha!

*** oh and I must mention that when I got home from work Tuesday he even had dinner made!!!! I swoon!

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