Thursday, June 2, 2011

Swimming Playdate

I’ve come to the conclusion that Kendall is only a fan of the pool when she is the only baby in the pool. Snob, eh?
I met my neighbor Heather sometime around Sept/Oct 2009 when she was walking her dog around the block. We grew up literally a mile a part and our parents still live close together so we had a lot in common. We were pregnant at the same time and our girls are 2 months a part.
Emmakate is older and she is a ball of energy! Kendall (I am realizing) gets really shy around other babies. She’s very demure and sensitive too. I just love learning about her sweet personality each day. :)
Anyways… Heather texted me to see if I wanted to bring Kendall over so the girls could play in EK’s baby pool. We are so busy these days it’s hard to find time for playdates so we always jump on the chance to hang out with Heather/EK because they live right around the block.
Emmakate loves the pool! Kendall is a little hesitant… imagine that! Ha!
Sweet, sweet girl!
My little animal lover
Someone spit up in the pool so they sat in it empty while Heather filled up a pitcher of warm water back and forth in the house. Ha!DSC_0793
Finally she smiles… I’ll have you know EK was out of the pool when my daughter smiled. Snob? I kid.
Thank you Emmakate for inviting us to swim in your pool and play with your toys!DSC_0797

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  1. Aren't they cute?!? I love those rolls! It reminds me of my Averly! :)