Tuesday, July 26, 2011

9 Months!

Dear Kendall,

You are 9 months old. You have been outside my belly longer than you were inside. Oh my! I cannot believe how fast these 9 months have flown by. I am cherishing every second of your sweet little life. July 2011 077

  • We had your 9 month well baby checkup on Friday and you weighed 19 pounds 2.5 oz. You are above average for your height measuring at 28.5 inches! You’re my skinny little green bean!
  • You are sleeping in your own bed now! Sure, most nights it doesn't last all night but we are so proud of you!!!July 2011 080

  • You love sleeping in different positions in your bed - especially on your belly with your legs scrunched up

  • You didn't crawl for 2 weeks before you started pulling up on everything

  • Crawling is for the birds as far as you're concerned because you LOVE standing nowJuly 2011 082

  • You are starting to branch out with your diet

  • Still mostly eating baby foods but I keep trying to get you to eat table food

  • You love fruit and trying what mommy is eating

  • You have been coming to work with me a lot lately and you're doing so goodJuly 2011 084

  • You're starting to take longer, more solid naps during the day

  • You still love shopping and watching people in public

  • Diaper Changes have become impossible - you HATE laying on your back

  • When you fight sleep, you FIGHT sleepJuly 2011 076

  • You crawl like crazy when you see my Iphone or the insight remote

  • You tried Purina Dog Chow this month (yuck) which led to us finally purchasing a baby gate

  • You're wearing some 6-9 & 9 month clothing, mostly 12 month and a few 18 month outfitsJuly 2011 089

  • You nurse/take a bottle 4 times a day


  • My car keys are your favorite toy and when you see me pull out my wallet at the store you fuss until I let you hold it
  • You love your grandparents and aunts and uncleJuly 2011 093
  • Stranger anxiety has become a slight issue but you warm up to people after being around them for a little bit
  • You TALK all the time – no words on que but you’re learning all kinds of new sounds
  • You tilt your head to the side and wait for us to copy the action – it’s so adorableJuly 2011 098
  • You also love to clap and shake your head and wait for us to shake our head back
  • You love YELLING HI to people in the stores
  • You are such a sweet and friendly baby July 2011 101

I have a feeling photo shoots from here on out will prove to be difficult. I can’t blame you though, you have too much to do these days! I love you so much baby girl and I am so blessed to have another sweet month to celebrate. Your little personality warms my heart and I love watching you grow and learn new things everyday.

Love Mommy

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  1. I can't believe she is 9 months! Reading this, I was thinking about you waiting for her all that time, and she's here CRAWLING!