Tuesday, July 5, 2011

AM to PM

Instead of voicing my sadness about the Casey Anthony trial and talking about everything we did this weekend I'm going to share some pictures I took of Kendall when she woke up and right before her bath & bed.

I accidentally left her bow in her hair when I put her to bed last night. She slept for 10 hours (PTL!) in her bed and was so happy this morning. I just love these little jammies on her.


She loves playing with her Princess ball and loves being in her room. July 2011 071 July 2011 073 July 2011 075


Daddy watched her today and she gave him a run for his money. As of this weekend Kendall is pulling up on things. It all started when she was standing next to a laundry basket over the weekend. I thought we would have more time in between crawling and walking but now I don’t think so!

July 2011 076 July 2011 079 July 2011 081

This photo cracks me up because she is literally charging for my camera. She is soooooo quick!!!


  1. Aww she will be walking before you know it! Get ready girl!! haha!

  2. Cute! My one year old does that as soon as she sees me taking a picture she crawls as quick as she can to me. I can't get a decent picture! ;)