Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Coupons 101: Clipping and Sorting

I’m baaaaaccck with the coupons!

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Step 1 – Gather Coupons

You can also add coupons electronically to your shoppers cards at some stores.coupons

Step 2 – Clip Coupons

This particular week I was given extra circulars from my neighbor. I separated the sheets and stapled the middle of the same coupons. Make sense?June 2011 352 

June 2011 353

Pile O CouponsJune 2011 354

Step 3 – Organize coupons

I organize my coupons by category in a binder using baseball card plastic organizer sheets.  I find it helpful to arrange the categories in the order I shop at the grocery store. For example I always hit up the produce and bakery area first at kroger so those are my first two categories.

My binder is organized like so….




Canned Goods/Baking/Boxed things (mixes, cereal etc)

Paper Products

Personal Care

Frozen Products



Candy/Drinks/Random Coupons

Then I have a large section of all things BABY.

I also have a place for restaurant coupon or specific store coupons.

June 2011 355

My little coupon buddy-

June 2011 356


  1. I'm FINALLY starting to coupon! Trying not to get discouraged b/c I don't see a lot of produce coupons and thats what we use most, but hey if I can get a good deal on household items...

  2. Thanks for posting this! I love how organized you are and hope to make a coupon binder soon. Keep it up!