Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coupons 101: When the plan doesn’t work

Tonight Kendall and I went to Walgreens to spend $6 in Register Rewards that was expiring tomorrow. I made a little list based off the sales ad and what I felt I had the best coupons for.

M&M’s on sale $.49 (I had a $.75/2 coupon)

Scrunchi Elastic Pack on sale 2/$3 – earning $3 Register Rewards

Pure Silk Shave Gel on sale $.99 (I had $.80/1 coupon)

Bounty 6 roll paper towels 5.49 earning $1 Register Rewards ( I had a $1/1 coupon)

If my calculations were correct I would have walked out of the store with the following transaction.

6 M&M’s $2.94

2 Scrunchi’s $3.00

4 Pure Silk Shave Gels $3.96

1 Bounty Paper towels $5.49

Total before coupons = 15.39

Total after coupons = 8.94

Total after using Register Rewards = 2.94!!!!! And then earing $4.00 more Register Rewards… basically I would have walked out with FREE stuff!


Don’t worry… there is a happy ending.

Kendall and I go inside Walgreens and decide to hit up the shaving aisle. That’s always where I go first because they always have deals.

Pure Silk shave gel SOLD OUT – I get a rain check for 4 … disappointing but I will be fine and will redeem this deal another day.

Scrunchi’s are sold out too… BOO!

So I pick up my M&M’s and paper towels and quickly do the math to realize my grand total after coupons will be less than my $6 in Register Rewards. :(

So we circle the store to see if we can find any killer deals (I had my coupon binder with me!!) and settle on a $1 pair of Minnie Mouse socks for Kendall.

I get to the checkout and in my usual (and crucial) order..

1. Let her scan all my items

2. Hand over my manufacturer coupons

3. Hand over my $4 Register Rewards

3. Hand over my $2 Register Rewards and BAM it won’t take it because my total was $2.62 and the register rewards will not cover tax.

So I quickly grab a Snickers ($.49) and after I hand her my $2 Register Rewards I owe a grand total of….

$1.21 & I received $1.00 back in Register Rewards

Not bad for all this, huh????

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*** Walgreens is lame and does not honor register rewards with rain checks so that’s why I didn’t get a rain check for the scrunchi’s in case you were wondering. CVS does honor it’s Extra Bucks with a rain check. I heart CVS!***


Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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