Friday, July 8, 2011

F-R-I-D-A-Y, Wilson Update & Brownies

Hallelujah! I love the weekend! Kendall accompanied me to work! July 2011 032 July 2011 040 July 2011 043

After work we met up with the hubs at our local mexican restaurant where I ate lots of cheese dip. Yum!!

*******Wilson Update***********

Tuesday Wilson wouldn’t eat or drink. Chris took him (&Kendall omg!) to the Vet on Wednesday and they said Wilson was severely dehydrated and they’d like to keep him a few days and push fluids. :(

I called to check on him that afternoon and they insured me he was resting and on his way to recovery! I called again today and asked if they could groom him while he was there. We picked him up at 5 and he was so happy to see us! I could tell he felt so much better and he was so excited to be home! July 2011 046

Kendall got him a gift. :)July 2011 014

Chris worked tonight so Kendall and I had fun watching TV and playing in the living room with Wilson. I made these also.  Have you ever tried these?July 2011 045 

Of course I added ice cream which defeats their whole purpose! July 2011 048

Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. Glad Wilson is feeling better. I have never tried those brownies, but they look delish!

  2. Oooh good thinking with the ice cream on top!!!!