Thursday, July 28, 2011

Iphone Pics

I take majority of Kendall’s pictures with my (low quality) Iphone. I love using the nikon but that thing is too bulky to have on me at all times. I will try and upgrade when the iphone 5 comes out for the sake of all my photos

Anyways I dumped like 3 months of iphone pics on my computer tonight and wanted to share some I’ve taken the last few weeks!!


Shelli Iphone Photos 244

I love these keys…

Shelli Iphone Photos 252

Ponytail :)

Shelli Iphone Photos 259


Shelli Iphone Photos 264

Working Girls..

Shelli Iphone Photos 275 

So tall

Shelli Iphone Photos 308

This may become my new desktop background! Ha!Shelli Iphone Photos 310 Shelli Iphone Photos 314

Off topic… but have you tried these??? Yummy!Shelli Iphone Photos 315

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  1. She looks a lot like Chris! The reading picture is ADORABLE!