Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Doggie Health scare!

Those of you who are new to the blog probably have no idea we even have a dog because all I talk about is Kendall. Well we do. Mr. Wilson, our cockapoo, entered our lives 2 months before we got married because I had to have a dog. :) He has been so spoiled his whole life… until the baby came.
Sometimes I get really impatient and I don’t play with him like I used to play with him. We leave him home alone a lot during the day when we are out doing things and often neglect him. Not neglect in a bad way… if you see how long his hair is in these pictures you know what I’m talking about.
Anyways Sunday Wilson was acting a little funny but we didn’t really pay too much attention. When we came home from dinner he had got really sick all over the living room. I won’t go into much detail but there was a lot of blood and we will be replacing our carpet sooner than later now.
Poor thing was pitiful! Chris took him to the only open animal hospital available and Kendall and I stayed up waaayy too late worried and cleaning floors. They said he had a bacterial infection. :( Whatever that means.
You can hardly tell but Chris is administering an IV in Wilson in this photo.July 2011 026
So sad :(July 2011 068 July 2011 069
He seems to be feeling a little more like himself today. We are going to follow up with our Vet tomorrow. As soon as he’s up to par I’m scheduling him a doggie spa day.

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