Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Planning a 1st Birthday

I have been thinking about Kendall's 1st Birthday for a while now and I have mentioned it a few times on the blog. Being that it's a little over 3 months away I have finally decided on a theme. Before I share my theme I would like to talk about how I made this decision...

1. Her birthday is in October and I didn't want anything Halloween/costume related. I'm sure she will have atleast one costume related birthday in her life but I don't like mixing holidays with birthdays if I don't have to. My birthday is December 22... get the picture?

2. I wanted to incorporate the season into her birthday but not overdo it. I love the colors of spring and summer but can't picture having a beach party in October. Not to mention it will be difficult to find beachy things in October. Most fall ideas are harvest related and I didn't want an orange/brown soiree.

3. I wanted to use her nursery colors. Pink and Green!

4. I wanted a fun theme that I could get really creative with - this is probably the only birthday party where I choose the theme. Next year Kendall will dictate her birthday.

That's when one day I thought of the theme "Apple of My Eye". I start googling this theme to see if it had ever been done before and I found this party and loved everything about it. However, I wanted to make it more first birthday and more pink for a girl.

I kept searching and came across this party and FELL IN LOVE. It was exactly what I wanted. I even emailed the mom and told her I'd give her full credit if I used some of her ideas. It mixed the fall apple theme with the color scheme I wanted.

So now I have all these ideas in my head. I know this party won't be a lot of people or even a lot of kids (her social scene isn't that large yet - she's only 1) but I want to have it so cute.

I'm going to try and make the invitations/printables myself and then I'm sure I will order a few things off Etsy.
I have so many cute ideas. I will try and not go completly crazy with the apple business but I am going to make it a first birthday to remember for my special girl!!!

Feel free to browse my pinterest board on her birthday found here.


  1. That will be such a cute party! I can't wait to see it!

  2. Ahh too cute! I'm still months away from delivering and fall birthday ideas have popped into my mind more than once!

  3. That is a fantastic idea! It will be so cute!

  4. What a cute idea! You're always so creative!

  5. I love your theme and ideas! My birthday is November 1st and growing up my mom always tried to convince me to have a Halloween themed party. I never did and completely agree that birthdays and holidays should be seperate. (I was probably just being selfish and wanted everyone's full attention - ha!)