Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today I'm linking up with Shannon for So What Wednesday.

So What if...
  • Kendall has tasted both cheezits and red velvet cake already (and loved both... she most certainly is my daughter)
  • I'm too lazy to make a follow up dental appointment and hair appointment today... I can do it tomm right?
  • one of our living room couches is sitting in our kitchen (still!) from wood floor installation 2 weeks ago
  • Kendall ends up in our bed every night... the important thing is she falls asleep in her bed, right?
  • if I overuse and miscorrectly use an elipsis (...) all over this blog... this isn't school
  • I'm sooooo ready for lunch, even after eating my breakfast and cheezits
  • Kendall and I play and watch movies every night while Chris is working
  • I've started a spreadsheet for Fall tv premieres
  • I will probably spend a small fortune on Kendall's 1st Birthday and she's too young to remember it!

1 comment:

  1. Did you see the first birthday pics I did of my niece? Hoping to create something special for Miss Kendall's big 1!