Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Typical Take Your Baby to Work Day

I wanted to document what life is like when I take Kendall to work with me. I love these days because I get to hand with my #1 girl all day but these days can be very stressful. Kendall is VERY mobile now and she doesn’t nap well. Add a new environment and we get some pretty fussy moments + not a lot of work gets done. However, I am very fortunate I have the opportunity to care for her while I’m working on occasion.

Mom… I just woke up and that flash is BRIGHT! (I gave her a strawberry to gnaw on while I got our bags ready – hence the huge red mark on her gown)July 2011 009 Speaking of bags… we usually have no less than 3. These days I don’t go anywhere without the diaper bag (obviously), camera bag and my third arm a.k.a. breast pump.July 2011 012

This was a no hair wash day and this is what I typically wear to work…July 2011 013 Thank you Mickey Mouse for entertaining my child while I put my face on.July 2011 015 July 2011 017

She sleeps on the way to work, plays with her “work” toys, eats breakfast, plays again and then around 11:30-12 ish she gets really sleepy…July 2011 018 July 2011 026 July 2011 028 And after rocking her, feeding her milk, getting the stroller out and pushing her around until she falls asleep… we get this. July 2011 029

For about 20 minutes. Ha! Then we REPEAT all of that until 4 pm-ish.

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