Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 Months Old

You are 10 months old this month! Growing like a weed and changing everyday!!!
August 2011 131
  • You don’t sit still for pictures, diaper changes and almost everything else – ha!! You have so much OTHER things to do…
  • You are starting to sleep more through the night with occasional evenings spent in mommy & daddy’s bed
  • Your food palette is changing everyday – we are trying to give you less baby food but you’re weary of a lot of texturesAugust 2011 130
  • I bumped you up to size 4 diapers this month. They’re a little roomy and I think you’ll be here awhile…
  • I retired your baby bathtub this week :( I can’t believe we used that thing so long. Now you just like to stand up in the tubAugust 2011 133
  • Mommy’s new work schedule has us staying home a lot more which has been great for your schedule
  • You wake up between 6-7 am and drink milk
  • Usually go back to sleep until 8:30-9 and you eat breakfast
  • Playtime and then usually have more milk and a nap around 11
  • Playtime and then eat lunch
  • Playtime and then have milk around 3-4 and take another nap
  • Dinner at 6-7 ish
  • Bath time at 8 and Bedtime at 9
  • Some days we take a drive around 10:30 so you will fall asleep but you’re getting better about laying down for napsAugust 2011 134
  • You’re still wearing some 9 month clothes but most of your dresses are 12 months. You wear some 18 month clothing but some of the dresses are too long for you to crawl around in
  • You can day bye, hi, mom, dad, and go
  • You like to tell Wilson and gma & gpa’s dogs “Go” and fuss at them… I guess because we do Ha!August 2011 138
  • We are planning your Minnie Mouse birthday bash – :)
  • When you hear the hot dog song you GO NUTS!!!!
  • You love to dance and look at yourself in the mirror these days
  • You pucker your lips all the time and give the cutest kisses with your mouth open and nose up against my nose! Ha!
  • Our photo shoot was difficult this month because all you want to do is LUNGE head first off of furnitureAugust 2011 142
  • You are so cuddly
  • When you’re playing in the living room with your bazillion of toys and I’m watching DVR Teen Mom episodes you take breaks to hug and kiss me and then go back to playing
  • I secretly love your “stranger anxiety” because you only want me to hold you
  • You are very interested in climbing under your highchair and crawl like a mad woman when I open the fridge/freezer so you can play in there too
  • You love clapping your hands and want us to clap with you
  • You are still nursing/breast milk via the bottle and I’m so proud we’ve made it this far. We’ve come a long way from latch issues at the hospital baby girl! August 2011 127
  • You recognize so many people now and love playing with other kids
  • You love pulling things out of baskets… like laundry, emptying your diaper bag etc.
  • When we go grocery shopping together you HAVE to hold something… usually a can of biscuits/crescent rolls
  • As of this week we now have to strap you in your highchair because you know how to stand up!!
I look forward to every day we have together! You are such a blessing to not only your mommy and daddy but to so many of our family and friends. I cannot believe in two months you will no longer be my “baby” and be a one year old toddler. It seriously boggles my mind how time flies so quickly. As much as I’d love to keep you this age forever and snuggle with you and keep you safe and all to myself… I look forward to all the growing you have left to do!!!

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