Friday, August 26, 2011

1st KY State Fair

Every year the KY State fair happens in Louisville, KY. When I was a kid our parents would take us and we would ride rides for hours! I also love going and walking around the inside exhibits and collecting free pens, magnets, jar openers, bags etc. Who doesn’t like swag, right?

Now that I’m a grownup I go to the fair for one reason. Ok… the second reason is the swag but the main reason this girl goes to the fair is FOOD!!!!

I love me some fried goodness.

Grater Taters

Corn Dogs

Ehrlers Ice Cream


… are among my favorites and exactly all the junk I’ve consumed today.


Anyways… aside from being a total glutton today it was also Kendall’s 1st trip to the KY state fair. We went with our neighbors and friends Emmakate & her mommy Heather.

August 2011 167

I only took like 3 pics on my Iphone but I didn’t want to lug around the dslr.

Kendall had a great time looking at all the show animals and people watching. We even listened to some live music (which she loved) while I fed her lunch and chowed down on my own plate of fried goodness.

August 2011 165

At the LMPD police booth they took her thumbprint. She threw a big fit because some po-po was all over her thumb but I made her do it. Now I have the cutest little card with her thumb print that says “I’m Thumbody”! I just love it and was so proud when I was relaying the story to Chris at dinner tonight and showing off her print!!!

Cute, cute! Great day in the books, indeed!!

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