Friday, August 12, 2011

Bridal Shower Love

Today I'm linkingup with Kelly for Show Us Your Life and it's all about Wedding Showers!!!

I was very fortunate and blessed to have had 3 Bridal showers leading up to my wedding! I even got a Bachelorette party too! My Maid of Honor, Aunt & Cousins from my Dad's side and my Mother In Law all hosted beautiful and fun showers for me!

My first shower was hosted by my MOH and a few family members. It was a small gathering at my Grandparents church! I was so excited to participate in my first wedding activity!

My second Bridal Shower was hosted by my Aunt Vicki and cousins, Sara and Leigh. They live in GA so it was held in my parents brand new home!

I didn't take pictures from my 3rd Bridal shower. That was actually the one Chris attended too!

My bachelorette party was a few weeks before our wedding. We stayed in a suite at the Galt House, ate dinner at a hibachi grill and saw the premiere of Sex and the City!!

Of course no Bachelorette party would be complete without something inappropriate! Ha! I can't even post the pictures of the male genitalia cookies that we munched on! Ha!

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