Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Change of Heart

Ok everyone just disregard my last post on going private. I can’t do it! I love blogging, linking up and meeting people too much.

I love my blogger buddies in real life and the ones I’ve never met. Blogging really is a fun little niche on the internet. I just need to be safer with what I talk about and my photos.

So… back to regular programming…

  • Chris started teaching full time last week. Yay! He is already loving teaching, the school and students. I brought a chicken dip to him for a staff meeting potluck today. :)
  • I have been addicted to eating a bowl of ice cream almost every night. No I’m not prego. I literally think about my little reward throughout the day. Baby in bed. Check. DVR shows. Check. ICE CREAM! CHECK!
  • I got a KILLER deal on diapers yesterday at Target! They had these limited edition pampers on clearance for $13.85!!!! Of course I had $2.00 coupons for every box I purchased!!! Winning!!!!


  • I have been selling all kinds of things on ebay and amazon. I’m addicted. I have some nice shoes I want to sell and I can’t decide if I should try selling them on ebay or showcase them on the blog.
  • And I can’t update the blog without a picture of my sweetheart! :)DSC_0854

1 comment:

  1. I"m glad you changed your mind. I was thinking, "but Shelli it's a online blog and most people reading are strangers!!" :) Just liek FB, you have to watch what you post. IT IS scary when you think about people who put their entire house layouts online.
    Loving ice cream too and I still suck at couponing.